11 November 2009

MaxGL (new member)

One of our newest members shared a lot of info with us regarding their products, check out these fliers for more details:

07 October 2009

Debra - jill of all trades

Here is a fresh look at various works of art by our very own Debra Rice:

09 September 2009

Arbuckle Real Estate

Scuba Steve shared some market info with us this week, look for yourself with these visuals:

09 August 2009

SLBizznet, business to business networking...SOLVED!!!

Most marketers will agree that one of the absolute best forms of marketing is word of mouth. This is also one of the first forms of marketing each new business takes advantage of and uses with some success. Beyond our family and friends, what are some options for advertising? Well, we all know the basics: phone books, newspapers, magazines, flyers (ie Welcome Utah, Valpak, MoneyMailer, etc), tv, radio, the list goes on and on....One of the cheapest forms of advertising is also one of the best forms, Networking! There are many ways to do this, but by far the most successful is to join a networking group. This is where SLBIZZNET comes in. SLBIZZNET was formed by 3 individuals with many many years of networking experiences in good groups and bad groups. We have combined our efforts to bring the best of all worlds to you!

A basic description of a networking group: A weekly meeting, usually lunch (but sometimes breakfast), where small business owners and/or salespeople meet and greet, so to speak! We encourage everyone to arrive early so the ordering can take place before the meeting officially gets started. During the meeting, each member and each guest will be given about 60 seconds (longer than one would think) to introduce themselves and their business. Be sure to end this with what type of person is the perfect lead for you at this time. Be normal, be creative, but just be there! After each person has had their 60 seconds. We have one member give a 5 minute spotlight where we learn even more about their business. All during the meeting, each person is encouraged to write up a lead for others in attendance. At the end of the meeting, usually right after the 5 minute spotlight, all leads are gathered for a drawing. The prize is something provided by the person giving the 5 minute spotlight. This can be something they sell, or a gift card from somewhere or just about anything they choose! It's most always worth it, though! After the meeting is officially ended, you can finish up any visiting (networking) you need and be on your way, back to your busy schedule!

So, with the basics all explained, grab your business cards, your appetite and excitement and join us this week and every week:

SLBizznet, business to business networking...SOLVED!!!
Wednesdays 11:30am-12:30pm Denny's 2222 W. 3500 S.WVC RSVP: Rebecca, 801-755-8805 or slbizznet@gmail.com

"A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time." - Henry Ford

05 August 2009

Arbuckle Real Estate

This weeks 5 minute spotlight focused on:

29 July 2009

SLBIZZNET - update

As we have continued on in our efforts to bring the best of the networking opportunity to the most businesses and salespeople, we have made some changes of late...so, even if you have visited before or were a member of the old group, please join us again! We think you will like what we are doing...

Also, we have a lot of interest coming even from Utah County! So, we are discussing a move to a different venue. Right now our options will have us off of I15 instead of I215. We are looking in Midvale and Sandy right now in the hopes this helps all those interested to be accomodated. What are your suggestions?

Thanks for your input! SLBIZZNET is here for all of you!

08 July 2009

keepin' us sharp...

We had a couple of visitors, Brianne and Brittany, from Cutco join us today. Brittany was fairly new with Cutco and was invited to give us a presentation of Cutco sets. We learned a great deal about the benefits of their products and a little about the ineffectiveness of the usual knives found in our homes. Brittany demonstrated the majority of the items found in their Homemaker set. As well as the shears which cut through the edge of a penny. We saw one knife cut through a piece of rope with one swipe and another cut through leather. We even had one member who had purchased a set quite awhile ago and was able to confirm the wonderful quality of the product. Brittany also spoke about the Forever Guarantee. We thank Brittany for her presentation and would encourage every one of you to click on her name above, shoot her an email and setup a presentation for yourself what you missed out on this week at SLBIZZNET! ---rebecca

30 June 2009

Want a better life???

We heard from several members this month, but our highlight was attending the grand opening event of our friend, Camille Crump! Camille is the owner of Life Wings Coaching. She had her business offerings set up and answered many questions in describing her services. Most popular seemed to be her Angel readings. Also, those who have been hearing so much about the Encounter game were able to see the board and able to understand it on a different level. It all sounds so very interesting! There were several of her friends with booths, from handbags to personalized gift baskets. Giving all in attendance new networking opportunities. The food provided was very delicious and featured items from CHICK-FIL-A, Sam's Club and Sandy's Kitchen! Our very own Scuba Steve stole the show by winning the most prizes in the raffle and door prize drawings. The money from the raffle went towards getting Camille out of jail as a fundraiser for MDA! We even enjoyed Camille dancing for us! Read more about Camille and Life Wings Coaching by visiting the link above for business and this link for her blog! We are all very blessed for knowing Camille and having her as our very own "personal muse"! A "funalicious" time was had by all! Thank you, Camille!!! ---rebecca

06 May 2009

CPA Services - credits from government

Lyle Braithwaite, CPA educated us on credits from the government in more detail. He also gave us some heads up on credits that are not real and to avoid those. You can contact Lyle by email at lfbcpa@comcast.net. ---debra

29 April 2009

Real Estate - 8 home buyer traps

Scuba Steve Arbuckle educated us on eight home buyer traps and how to avoid them. Reminding us Buyer beware. He gave us a pamplet on the buyer traps check out his website at stevearbuckle.net. Next Week don't miss out on Lyle F Braithwaite, CPA, CMA, CFM on Tax, Consulting, Accounting, Bookeeping ---debra

15 April 2009

Ready Electric

Bob Wright taught us how to be electritians how it works at the box out side our homes. bobs email is readybuilder@aim.com. All are welcome buisness or non buisness. Next Week don't miss out on
Rebecca Batty with Partylite ---debra

08 April 2009

PartyLite - new catalog

Rebecca Batty showed us the spring catalog for Partylite. New tropical scent for us to enjoy.
We all recived a catalog with those new choices. Visit her website http://www.partylite.biz/sites/chainoflove or email her utchainoflove@yahoo.com.All are welcome buisness or non buisness. Next Week don't miss out on Bob Wright, Electrictian with Ready Electric INC ---debra

01 April 2009

Geek Bling

Deb Rice was the 5 min spot this week. We got to view new watercolors, and look through geek bling. We also got to view the kick off of her new shirt buisness and her new blog wolfenterprise.blogspot.com so check it out. For attendance we had the option between a free geek bling or watercolor. All are welcome buisness or non buisness. Next Week don't miss out on Rebecca Batty as we experiance Partylite. ---debra