29 July 2009

SLBIZZNET - update

As we have continued on in our efforts to bring the best of the networking opportunity to the most businesses and salespeople, we have made some changes of late...so, even if you have visited before or were a member of the old group, please join us again! We think you will like what we are doing...

Also, we have a lot of interest coming even from Utah County! So, we are discussing a move to a different venue. Right now our options will have us off of I15 instead of I215. We are looking in Midvale and Sandy right now in the hopes this helps all those interested to be accomodated. What are your suggestions?

Thanks for your input! SLBIZZNET is here for all of you!

08 July 2009

keepin' us sharp...

We had a couple of visitors, Brianne and Brittany, from Cutco join us today. Brittany was fairly new with Cutco and was invited to give us a presentation of Cutco sets. We learned a great deal about the benefits of their products and a little about the ineffectiveness of the usual knives found in our homes. Brittany demonstrated the majority of the items found in their Homemaker set. As well as the shears which cut through the edge of a penny. We saw one knife cut through a piece of rope with one swipe and another cut through leather. We even had one member who had purchased a set quite awhile ago and was able to confirm the wonderful quality of the product. Brittany also spoke about the Forever Guarantee. We thank Brittany for her presentation and would encourage every one of you to click on her name above, shoot her an email and setup a presentation for yourself what you missed out on this week at SLBIZZNET! ---rebecca