11 July 2011


Most marketers will agree that one of the absolute best forms of marketing is word of mouth. This is also one of the first forms of marketing each new business takes advantage of and uses with much success. Beyond our family and friends, what are some options for advertising? Well, we all know the basics: phone books, newspapers, magazines, flyers (ie Welcome Utah, Valpak, MoneyMailer, etc), tv, radio, the list goes on and on....One of the cheapest forms of advertising is also one of the best forms, Networking! There are many ways to do this, but by far the most successful is to join a networking leads group. This is where SLBIZZNET comes in. SLBIZZNET was formed by 3 individuals with many many years of networking experiences in good groups and bad groups. We have combined our efforts and knowledge to bring the best of all worlds to you! The following is a sampling of the type of businesses we are looking to join our group:
A basic description of a networking leads group: A weekly meeting, usually lunch (some do breakfast), where small business owners and/or salespeople meet and greet, so to speak! We encourage everyone to arrive early so the ordering of meals can take place before the meeting officially gets started. During the meeting, each member and each guest will be given about 60 seconds (longer than one would think) to introduce themselves and their business. Be sure to end this with what type of person is the perfect lead for you at this time. Be normal, be creative, but just be there! After each person has had their 60 seconds. We have one member give a 5 minute spotlight where we learn even more about their business. All during the meeting, each person is encouraged to write up leads for others in attendance. At the end of the meeting, usually right after the 5 minute spotlight, all leads are gathered for a drawing. The prize is something provided by the person giving the 5 minute spotlight. This can be something they sell, or a gift card from somewhere or just about anything they choose! It's most always worth it, though! After the meeting is officially ended, you can finish up any visiting (networking) you need and be on your way, back to your busy schedule! Oh, and don't forget to pay for your lunch...yes, some get so caught up that a reminder is necessary!

So, with the basics all explained, grab your business cards, your appetite and excitement and join us this week and every week:

SLBizznet, business to business networking...SOLVED!!!
Wednesdays 11:30am-12:30pm Jim's Family Restaurant Riverton, UT RSVP: Rebecca, 801-755-8805 or slbizznet@gmail.com

"A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time." - Henry Ford

06 June 2011

Today we heard from Bob Wright with Ready Electric Inc. He tested us a little, especially for those of us who have known him for years! He asked what GFI stood for....any ideas? Growing Families International??? Game Factory Interactive??? GFI Musicical Products??? Ok, yes, it does stand for all those things, but that isn't what it would mean for an electrician like Bob. For him GRI is Ground Fault Interrupter! He also reminded us about when we were all kids and liked to poke our fingers or other things into sockets. There are new products out there that make that impossible. There was also a discussion on a case of someone putting a flourescent bulb in a room that had a dimmer switch. Turns out that won't work, those regular bulbs won't work on a dimmer switch. He also reminded us of good business practices as he was reminded by Dave Ramsey: Show up! Don't over commit your self and keep your word! Be on time and keep your appointments! Finally, do your work with a smile! Bob is always full of bright ideas!

07 March 2011

Lyle Braithwaite, CPA, CMA, CFM

My job has been made very easy these last few months and continues this post. Lyle, our wonderful CPA has given us a handout that covers everything he shared with us, so take a look for yourself:

03 June 2010

PartyLite - tropical scents for summer

Rebecca Batty reviewed with us the spring catalog for Partylite. New tropical scent for us to enjoy.
We all recived a catalog with those new choices. Visit her website http://www.partylite.biz/sites/chainoflove or email her utchainoflove@yahoo.com.All are welcome buisness or non buisness. Next Week don't miss out on Scuba Steve Arbuckle,Real Estate Agent,ARE ---debra

11 November 2009

MaxGL (new member)

One of our newest members shared a lot of info with us regarding their products, check out these fliers for more details:

07 October 2009

Debra - jill of all trades

Here is a fresh look at various works of art by our very own Debra Rice:

09 September 2009

Arbuckle Real Estate

Scuba Steve shared some market info with us this week, look for yourself with these visuals: