06 June 2011

Today we heard from Bob Wright with Ready Electric Inc. He tested us a little, especially for those of us who have known him for years! He asked what GFI stood for....any ideas? Growing Families International??? Game Factory Interactive??? GFI Musicical Products??? Ok, yes, it does stand for all those things, but that isn't what it would mean for an electrician like Bob. For him GRI is Ground Fault Interrupter! He also reminded us about when we were all kids and liked to poke our fingers or other things into sockets. There are new products out there that make that impossible. There was also a discussion on a case of someone putting a flourescent bulb in a room that had a dimmer switch. Turns out that won't work, those regular bulbs won't work on a dimmer switch. He also reminded us of good business practices as he was reminded by Dave Ramsey: Show up! Don't over commit your self and keep your word! Be on time and keep your appointments! Finally, do your work with a smile! Bob is always full of bright ideas!